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Your Number One Fan Is Looking for Love

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AG.headshotWellness speaker Angela Gaffney teaches simple and effective strategies to help people achieve health, increase productivity, and live stress-free while reaching their personal and professional goals.

She offers her tips for nurturing your Number One Fan.

Picture your number one fan, the one who supports you most in life. The one who shows up no matter your mood, how tired you may be feeling, or how much pain you may be experiencing. Whatever the situation, your number one fan is there for you. I’m sure many of you pictured your spouse, partner, or maybe a parent or best friend. While these people are all great supporters in your life, your number one fan is much, much more! Your number one fan is your body.

We hurry through life at such a fast pace that we often forget to support the one that supports us most! Sometimes it takes a diagnosis or health crisis before we realize that our body may need more from us than what we’ve been willing to give. It was true for me, and it was true for many of you. Caring for your body goes far beyond just eating well and exercising. It takes commitment and conscious effort to ensure you’re giving your body all it needs to heal and achieve optimal health.

We all need to practice these four principles to care for our bodies through diagnosis, treatment, and in lifelong health.

Build Awareness

Daily habits are so second nature that it’s easy to underestimate the impact they have on our health. Start tapping into your daily habits and assess whether they’re offering you the supportive environment your body needs to heal and be well. If change is needed, take it one step at a time.

Consciously Choose

We often make decisions, big and small, out of convenience, haste, or emotions we’re feeling. It’s time to pause and choose differently. Before every decision you make, stop and ask yourself: “What will this provide me?” Just answering this one question will help you make a conscious choice and to move forward in a healthy direction.

Create a Supportive Environment

It’s hard to avoid sugar if there are cookies and cake in the kitchen. Building a supportive environment is of greatest importance if your goal is lifelong health. Replace processed foods with whole, fresh foods that nourish the body. Say no to unnecessary obligations to give yourself space and time to heal. Share your needs with your friends and family so they too can support you in this journey. Everything in our environment— the food we eat, the toxins we’re exposed to, and the stress we feel from everyday life—impacts our health. Do your best to create a healthy, supportive environment for you and your family.

Above All Else, Be Kind

You are on a health journey, which means some days will be easier than others. Use positive affirmations and encouraging words to support yourself in healing and lifelong health. If you veer off track, assess what you’d like to do differently next time and move forward. You have a choice in every matter, and you get to decide how you’d like to participate. Above all else, be kind to yourself in the process.

You are your best advocate! Take care of your number one fan by assessing your current habits, making conscious choices that serve you well, creating a supportive environment, and above all else, being kind to yourself through the process.

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