Conversations With Prostate Cancer Experts

One thought on “Xtandi + Zytiga For Prostate Cancer

  1. My Oncologist Doctor had me start Xtandi last year (2016) in October when I was referred to him by my Urologist. I had been on Lupron for about six years with my PSA staying down in the low single digits. Suddenly over a few month period my PSA started to rise and it went to 122 last Sept. I also had an enlarged lymph node in my right groin, and signs of the cancer getting into my rib area and also a few spots on my lungs. It wasn’t looking good. My oncologist started me on two capsules a day for a two week period and my PSA. had dropped to 77. I then was told to take 3 capsules a day and come back in two weeks for a blood test and my PSA had dropped to 33.
    We continued with the 3 capsules a day for another two weeks, took a new blood test, and the PSA was 19. I was getting very fatigued and my weight dropped almost 26 lbs. and my muscles began to atrophy rapidly. We changed to one capsule a day and after another two weeks my PSA was 8. The doctor said I needed a break from the medicine as I was showing signs of weakness along with my progress.
    This was just before Christmas 2016, and after the New Year I had a bad relapse and a few falls. I was taken to the hospital and it was determined that I had contracted the flu and that then turned into pneumonia. I was in the hospital for 8 days with a high temperature and a completed lack of remembering the time I spent there.
    When I went to see the oncologist after recovering from the pneumonia, We checked my PSA again and it was back up to 44. I had not taken Xtandi for about 45 days. The Doctor and I agreed to go back on the drug with one capsule a day. After two weeks the PSA was down to 19. After another two weeks it was down to 9. I will get tested again next week April 26.
    We had a bone scan during the last month and my lymph node swelling is gone, there are no signs of cancer in my ribs or lungs. This appears to be a wonderful drug if used correctly.

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